Ski & Snowboard Club, Vail

"As a member of SSCV for the past 4 years, I can honestly say that AMT has been, in the best sense of the word, exceptional! Their IT department from the technicians, especially Andy, the business department in Thomas, and our account managers in Nathan and Pam. They have gone above and beyond what our contract states. This I am extremely grateful for. If any organization is looking for IT assistance on any level I would recommend AMT without a second thought. Thank you for all that you do to help Ski and Snowboard Club Vail working efficiently and the future relationship I hope we can continue to build on."

-Chirs O., Operations Manager

Viele & Company, Vail

"Our on premise server was approaching the end of its useful life and we priced several new systems.  Given hardware costs I was encouraged by All Mountain to explore a transition to a cloud infrastructure, complete with a phone and data management system. My initial concerns about a transition to the cloud have proven to be completely unfounded: The cloud system, coupled with All Mountain’s outstanding support, has proven to be a more cost effective, more secure, more flexible, and overall a much more reliable system. All Mountain Technologies is our de-facto in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost.  I trust that they are looking out for my best interests and I can rely on them to provide business solutions and IT support and expertise."

-David V.

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Vail Racquet Club, Vail

“Our server has crashed in the past and we lost valuable information and time. We have tried many back up systems and different kinds of IT support. Now with All Mountain Technologies and their Always-On managed services we have the security and up-time that we demand for a flat monthly fee instead of the unpredictable break/fix bills we had in the past. We no longer have to switch tapes daily or monitor our back ups and servers at all and we can focus on our business. All Mountain Technologies can remotely monitor and maintain our server without disrupting our business. With Always on we leave the server and all our valuable data to All Mountain Technologies with complete confidence because our previous server maintenance issues and data backup problems have disappeared.”

-James C.

Judge + Associates

"Our firm depends heavily upon technology whether that be creative output or basic communication. It’s been reassuring to know when glitches occur we are only a phone call away from AMT getting things running smoothly again. In addition to day-to-day service All Mountain Tech saved us from potential disaster. They knew our server was reaching the end of its lifespan. While we were working out details of a replacement, the guys at AMT installed a backup server on their own fruition just in case something failed. This backup was indeed utilized and it was only the foresight of AMT that kept us out of the dark for possibly weeks. Glad to have All Mountain Technology as our IT specialists and even happier that they are able to dumb things down a bit for us less savvy users of technology."

-Courtney G.

Heckman & O'Connor

“Over the years of continuous partnership with amt, they’ve worked hard to gain my trust and I appreciate the value of support they provide. “

Brett H.

Tivoli Lodge, Vail

“Last year when my hospitality property management company came out to audit our IT systems, they were impressed and claimed that they wished that more of their clients properties worked with All Mountain Tech.”

— Kara L.

Colorado Mountain Medical

"I just wanted to say how awesome, polite, and knowledgeable BOTH Nathan and Steve are. I work @CMM and we just started up a relationship with amt. They are in the process of switching up all of our computers. They are such nice guys, extremely mellow, and are nice to have around."

-Stephanie O.