IT Going Green

All Mountain Technologies sees the value in being an environmentally friendly workplace. We also like to encourage our clients and partners to go green. Here are 5 ways AMT has committed to being eco-friendly.

Access to Fiber

AMT has access to fiber and the Glenwood Springs data center. Fiber Optic and Wireless infrastructure, supplies high quality service without the waste.

Cloud Focus

If it is right for your business, we suggest cloud solutions. The Cloud reduces waste such as electricity, heat, and physical e-waste.


AMT made the switch to compositing in November 2018. With the help of the Walking Mountains Science Center and Vail Honeywagon, we aimed to reduce food waste that goes to the landfill, instead redirecting it to the brand new composting facility. We installed dual garbage cans in the bathroom (for paper towels) and kitchen area (for food waste and coffee grounds). Since then, we have seen a drastic difference in our trash to composting ratio. It seems our staff is catching on and making the most of it!

Actively Green Certification

We are in the home stretch of receiving our Actively Green Certification. With the help of several staff members, we’ve completed a sustainability handbook, switched bulbs to LED, tracked our company’s footprint, and have set goals to reduce food waste. The next step is to be assessed! Wish us luck!

Paperless Billing

AMT now has the option for paperless billing! We want to eliminate unnecessary amounts of paper being wasted with this initiative.