Meet the Team! - Thomas Boyken -

Thomas Boyken is All Mountain Technologies’ general manager and the company’s leader in business development. He was born in Indiana but moved to Tyler, Texas when he was 8. After graduating from high school in Tyler, Texas, Thomas studied business administration in finance with a minor in accounting at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

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Growing up, Thomas and his family would travel to Colorado once a year for a convention that was hosted annually for Thomas’ father’s company in the coal mining industry. Each summer they would visit a new ski resort throughout Colorado that inevitably lead to Thomas’ love for Colorado. He first moved to Colorado from Austin for a job in the coal mining industry that landed him in Grand Junction. Thomas was ready for a change from the start-ups he was working for and began working for Usyrus, a company now owned by Catepillar. A company that he admired for taking care of his family throughout his childhood. Though he respected this company, he realized within five months that Grand Junction was not the Colorado he knew and loved. After visiting his friend in the Vail Valley, Thomas was hooked and knew he had found his place. Vail reminded him of the love he had as a kid for Colorado and made the move permanent. After some time, his mom reminded him that he first said that he was going to live in Colorado when he was a kid, but Thomas ultimately feels like Vail found him. Thomas is now passionately involved in the communities throughout the Valley. Currently residing in Eagle, he is on the chamber board in efforts to seek growth and involvement in the community.

July 1st will mark Thomas’ 3rd year working for All Mountain Technologies. He has grown with the company and is continuously motivated and inspired by AMT’s CEO, Rob Bruce. Thomas is currently working on his first level of community leadership training and is constantly seeking to learn how and why things work to elevate the workplace, the community, and our client’s lives in the Valley.

Thomas has always loved some level of technology, and like many other techies, has enjoyed figuring out the challenges that follow tech. He views technology as a great tool for community when properly harnessed and used positively to help growth and communication. This is where his true love for technology comes in to play. Thomas conceptualizes technology as “the third leg of what you need; food, water, and technology”. He views IT as a vital part of our lives that is only going to increase stating, “if we are doing it right, it should help our community here in the Valley” and everywhere else.

If Thomas could suggest one tech item? It would be “not a tech car” but a mechanical car. He likes independence and technology entails a certain level of dependence despite its usefulness and efficiency. Thomas finds technology most useful when it is used for communication, how it has connected the workplace and the varying levels of communication, globally. He doesn’t like how it has set a bar for communication that requires a certain level attention and maintenance, becoming a distraction. In the end, Thomas loves technology but realizes it is a sort of “double edged sword”. As a leader, the world of tech and IT is the perfect place for Thomas to help bring balance and leadership in the Valley and surrounding communities.