Tech the Halls: Holiday Tech Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at AMT! Our trees are up, decked with lights and homemade recycled tech ornaments. Our holiday cards are printed and Secret Santa slips have been distributed!

We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for a range of ages and hobbies. Read on for our picks for this year’s gift guide.


Under $500

Satellite Headphones [Blue] ($399)

Blue is known throughout the music world for their comfort and rich sound. These wireless over-ear headphones combine all-new patent pending active noise cancelling technology and Blue's eye for design and comfort. With a built-in audiophile amp, Satellite offer smooth notes and some heavy bass when required. Perfect whether you are listening to Apple Music, vinyl or MP3s.

$399 /

Owl Dash Cam ($349)
If you know someone that does a lot of driving or is concerned about where they park their car, a dash cam can be the perfect gift for them. The Owl Cam is a bit different than most dash cams because not only does it record while driving, but it can also capture events while the car is parked. It features both front and back-facing cameras and built-in 4G LTE connection so video can be viewed and alert notifications can be sent even when you are away from the vehicle. Pick one up for yourself and maybe the Owl Cam will pay for itself once you catch that person denting your door or in the event of a future break-in.

Mayfair Lux Organizer 10.5" [Knomo] ($149.99)

Available in Burgundy (blue interior) or Black (red interior), Knomo's organizer is a must for anyone on the go who is looking to look refined and keep their tech contained when on the go. Luxurious leather and fabric inners keep your tech scratch free and thanks to the multiple slots and pockets, everything else in its place.

$149.99 /

Under $100

ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4 ($99)
The Thermapen MK4 is the ultimate gift for the chef or a backyard BBQer. It's rated the best cooking thermometer because it's not only rugged but is also one of the fastest and accurate reading thermometers around. It can provide a full reading in mere seconds. The Thermapen MK4 comes in 10 different colors and features a foldable design that makes it easy to store when not in use. The backlit LCD display is big, bright and rotates to the right side automatically. It will become a tool that is used daily in the kitchen and will be able to handle lots of use for many, many years.

The C64 Mini ($80)
If someone you know was a child of the 80s and was big into computers at the time, the C64 Mini is a must-get gift for them! At 50 percent of the original scale, this working replica captures all the details of the original but is a whole lot easier to connect to modern displays since it has an HDMI port. Just note that the keyboard does not function on the unit -- but with a recent firmware update, an external USB keyboard can be plugged in or you can just use the included C64 joystick's virtual keyboard. The C64 Mini includes a lot of classic games that will bring back lots of nostalgia. As an added little bonus, other C64 programs can be loaded from a USB thumb drive using the classic LOAD "NAME",8,1 syntax.

Ember Mug [Ember] ($80)

The ceramic Bluetooth mug that keeps your drink hot for longer. Perfect for the drafty office or at home. Beautifully designed and easy to use thanks to a dedicated and simple app. Available in black, white and limited-edition copper. Ember also has released a travel mug too, pricier but works a treat.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus ($60)

This 2017 video streamer remains our top pick in the category, with every (non-Apple) channel under the sun, excellent 4K and HDR video quality and a wireless remote that controls your TV's power and volume, too -- all for just $60.

Under $50

Clip 3 [JBL] ($49.95)

Clip 3 is perfect for homes or holidays. Portable and waterproof, this packs a wallop with its rubberized base and powerful speakers. The built-in clip is handy and a full charge (which takes three hours) gives you ten hours of playback. Clip 3 also functions as a speakerphone.

$49.95 /

Felt Bedside Caddy [Kikkerland] ($20)

Wires, remotes and doohickies all can clutter a place easily but this handy caddy from Kikkerland works well tucked under a mattress or the side of a sofa to hold all the things you want in one place. Made from durable felt, the caddy is wipeable and easily removed.

$20 /