Techie Gift Guide

In honor of Thanksgiving week and the holiday season upon us, here is a little gift guide to some techie toys that are worth mentioning. 

Lenovo Yoga Book 

Lenovo Yoga Book 

Whether you've been a PC user all your life or have strictly conformed to MACs, anyone would be impressed by the speed and mobility of Lenovo's Yoga book that has combined design with insane capabilities that "adapts to your everyday life with ease".  You can find other Lenovo gift ideas here

MIT's Technology Review has an excellent list for tech centered gifts for the cook to the kids and even for your pet. Petcube Bites launched a pet surveillance system that not only allows you to keep an eye on your furry friend from your mobile device but also the capability to award them with a treat for good behavior.

 Tech Crunch Provides a broken down and slightly exhaustive gift list, if you really want to get into the latest techie gift ideas. Our favorite are their 17 STEM inspired tech gifts for kids, including a game that teaches the kids five and under to code early-on.

If these ideas don't get your motor running then check out Forbes "Best Black Friday Tech Deals For Under $100" and if you want to go big and go home, make it $500 and under.

Happy Techie shopping!