Cloud Hosting-is it Right for Your Business?


Cloud hosting is on the rise and with good reason, it offers scalable infrastructure to meet any computing need, cost efficiencies and unprecedented speed and reliability.

Data center and cloud hosting does not rely on just one server, which can lead to a single, local point-of-failure, but on multiple servers and internet connections offering limitless flexibility, storage space and little-to-no downtime without a large capital investment. If your business is growing or in multiple locations, this might be ideal for you.

Read on to decide if cloud hosting is right for your business.



Cloud hosting, in reality, is renting space at a data center where multiple, remote servers work together to manage and distribute your technology needs instead of the traditional, single server located in your businesses' server closet.

As your business grows, additional servers and resources can be tapped as needed. This ensures reliability and scalability that is easy to budget and an efficient investment of your IT dollars.


In the past, most companies had a single, on-site server that contained all of the businesses' files and data. If this single server failed (or died) all date transference would stop and all files might be lost, if it wasn't already backed up on another server.

In addition, when people access your business systems or website from an on-site server, all the information is being served up from a single server, if you have too many visitors it can overwhelm your server, if your server fails, visitors including employees, customers and prospects are unable to access your website till it is replaced or repaired.

With cloud hosting, this can never happen as there is always additional space available, thanks to having multiple, remote web servers all working together efficiently.



A major advantage of data center or cloud hosting is maintaining a healthy cost-to-resource need ratio. You only pay for what you use. If you use less, you pay less if you need more, more resources are immediately available.

By using a traditional, on-site server, you are limited to the physical constraints of that server and are responsible for all the accompanying costs including power, security, backup, and vendor support. So initially, conventional servers can seem less expensive, but in the end, they may not be, depending on your business needs

Cloud Hosting insures resources and costs are appropriately dispersed exactly as required to run your business right now and agile enough to meet unexpected - or better than expected - changes in your business with minimum impact on your budget


Cloud hosting makes scaling your server resources easy. You can scale server resources up or down immediately. If your business is experiencing a boom, additional resources can be dialed up, if you are experiencing a temporary downturn they can be scaled back to save you money.


With a traditional, on-site server, if there is a failure of any kind, your critical business systems go off-line until the server is fixed.

Alternatively, cloud server infrastructure is designed, provisioned, and supported with enterprise-level technology so failures of hardware is anticipated and planned for but does not impact how your business systems function at all.

If server hardware is compromised or experiencing an issue, your site or business systems are simply live-migrated to other servers in the data center – generally, with absolutely no downtime.


Data center providers know that to stay competitive, they must regularly update hardware and capacity. They deal with server upgrades and getting the “latest and greatest” which is often the most expensive part of maintaining a premise server environment. They make sure your server resources are always cutting edge and fast.


Cloud Hosting helps decrease your environmental impact by removing the need to buy and maintain your own, individual servers.

You also reduce power consumption, and the need to buy and house a physical server. You also reduce the energy costs needed to regulate server room temperatures.

In addition, by only utilizing the server resources you actually need at the moment, you are saving energy and resources.


The benefits of cloud hosting can be a game changer but, that being said, monthly operational infrastructure cost modeling is different than conventional, on-site server infrastructure.

The price of cloud hosting has decreased considerably over recent years and will continue to do so. As the long term costs and benefits compete more effectively against conventional server usage, cloud hosting will become more compelling to many mid-size and small business.

It may make sense to talk to an expert and see if the benefits make sense for your business. All Mountain Technologies is your local Vail Valley, Summit County and Roaring Fork Expert with a local data center dedicated to cloud hosting. Here is what Rob Bruce CEO of All Mountain Technologies has to say about the future of Cloud Hosting.


“Given the promise of pay-as-you-use cloud hosting plans and the rapid advancement of cloud applications many of our clients are exploring a ‘cloud strategy’. Many newer companies prefer to not buy, support, and replace on-site servers anymore.

Data management and security concerns still need to be addressed but the promise of lower costs and more focused IT delivery anywhere for businesses is achievable for companies that plan for it.

We excel at helping our clients find solution partners and applications that blend well with this cloud strategy. We often design transition stages of networks as our clients evolve from a traditional server scenario, to a hybrid infrastructure that is partly in the cloud, and then finally toward the desired end game, where much of their business IT is securely in the cloud and delivered anywhere. Our goal is to make sure they have the tools they need that help them run their business better now and into the future.”

-Rob Bruce CEO of All Mountain Technologies

AMT's cloud hosting service and data center is an integral part of helping clients “go to the cloud” and take their business into the future.

Get more info about cloud hosting data center offerings: Call All Mountain Technologies today to find out more about AMT hosting options and how they can help with your business cloud strategy.

Networking - How it Helps Your Business

ICONS-Networking (ID 45517).png


All Mountain Technologies (AMT) has professional Network Engineers on staff - so how does this expertise benefit your business?


AMT designs, implements, monitors, maintains, and repairs computer system networks for businesses. As these networks become more complex it becomes nearly impossible for any one individual to manage and control all of the IT intricacies that exist.

Their dedicated technicians implement and maintain a variety of local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), corporate intranet and Internet connections, and virtual private networks (VPN). We can determine and implement the right network for your business .


Diving deeper, our computer networking specialists install, inspect, secure and troubleshoot all the connected computers of your business in multiple locations. This means we regulate and monitor every part of your business technology including firewalls, routers, switches, software, hardware, firmware, wireless access points, and can offer solutions around ever-increasing security threats.

Let us manage your essential functions such as wired or wireless networks, software, email, internet, VOIP phones too.


Need additional support? AMT operate a help desk so if you or your employees have a problem with your network we can quickly address the problem and implement a solution. (Available with guaranteed Service Level Agreements)

We make it easy for your organization and staff to access, share, and store information so employees can work efficiently on-site and remotely. Our clients are productive even if they are out of the office.


AMT follows "Industry Best Practices" to seamlessly manage your network professionally and minimize problems.

Whether your business networking needs are complex or relatively simple with just a handful of desktop computers, we can help! We take the headache of IT and the risk of downtime off your plate so you can focus on your business.

Call All Mountain Technologies today and feel better about your IT tomorrow.

What You Need to Know About Office 365

Click image to go to Office 365 website

Click image to go to Office 365 website

Office 365 is a productivity software and is a category of application programs that help users produce things such as documents, databases, graphs, worksheets, and presentations easily and efficiently and share them with others.


Organizes and enhances every aspect of your business so you can build your business faster, easier while being more productive and efficient.

Office 365 for business is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Office applications, online productivity services and includes business services such as web conferencing, hosted email and online storage. Microsoft 365 gives you powerful tools right at your fingertips.


  • Combines best-in class apps with powerful cloud services that lets you create or share anywhere on any device

  • Pick the right productivity plan for your business from their suite of licensing plans.

  • Licensing plans are per user and do not require an annual commitment

  • Office 365  boasts a 99.9% uptime that is guaranteed.

  • Complete, integrated solutions designed just for business


  • Hosted Email.

  • Office 365 includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, Power Point, Teams, Sharepoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive.  

  • 1 TB of business file storage and sharing.

  • Protect your data with built-in privacy and compliance tools

  • Includes collaboration tools like Teams, Yammer, Delve and Sway

  • Lots of office apps to keep your finger on the pulse of your business no matter which device you’re using.

  • 5 layers of security, proactive data monitoring and privacy protection.

  • Includes automatic updates to keep your software running like it should

  • Create, use and share automated workflows so your staff works better, together on everything.

  • Powerful business tools to help you and your company succeed

Interested in Office 365? Visit their website at or contact All Mountain Technologies 970-748-8880 for more information.

The BIG Question We Ask Every Client

What would it cost you if your business went down?

This is a question we like to start every new engagement with. The responses are varied, but eyes always grow wide with fear. It is a business owner’s worst nightmare; a server fails, important data is not backed up, whatever the case, business comes to a halt due to technology failing. For some companies, one day of a business down scenario could cost thousands of dollars. For others, one hour could be catastrophic.

Now let’s say the business above you has a pipe burst and water conveniently leaks down through your roof and into your tech room. This event was unpredictable, but your backups don’t have to be. At AMT, we encourage our customers to backup to two spots: locally and in our Glenwood Springs data center. Backing up to multiple spots, proactively secures you in the event of an emergency. Some businesses do not even have one backup solution! If the data you work with day to day is important, a backup is a must!

AMT often comes across struggling businesses with a “guy who knows IT".” This is typically a staff member who likes to tinker with computers, but does not have the bandwidth of knowledge or years of experience we do. The staff member is usually doing double duty, playing IT guy AND working a different position. These pseudo IT guys, create a tricky scenario for businesses. Let’s go worst case scenario- (something we do often to create proactive solutions), you are a business owner and enlist Todd, your front desk manager, as your IT guy. Todd loves to mountain bike. One Spring Day, he sends himself over his handlebars and breaks his leg. He is rushed to the hospital right around the same time the server fails back at the office. Todd did not backup data. You are running around the office like a chicken with its’ head cut off because Todd isn’t answering his phone. Todd is down. Business is down. What do you do?

Any one of these scenarios, create a very real problem for a business. Whether it is a fire, flood, or your IT savvy staff member not answering his/her phone, your business is in jeopardy. So ask yourself…what would it cost me if my business went down for an hour? Or a day? Or two days? Do I need a group of IT professionals to help me set up a backup solution? Do I need to tell Todd we will be moving to a partnership with AMT?

Please reach out to Marketing Director Allie Yazel, for a tech audit to assess your business!

Meet the Team | Pat Doughty

I grew up in Bristol New Hampshire, which is in the lakes region of the state.  I competed with the ski team in middle school and high school on the downhill and Nordic jumping teams.  I started building computers with my step dad at around 10 years old.  I came out to Colorado on a ski vacation when I was 13 and decided this is where I wanted to be.   

Moved to Boulder Colorado in 1999 to attend my Senior (Class of 2000) year of High School at Fairview High School in Boulder with my family. I am a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) graduate and completed a 28 day backpacking expedition with NOLS in the Wyoming Wind River Range the summer before I moved to Boulder.  


I attended one year at Western State College  before transferring and graduating CU Bolder in 2004.  I spent a couple years after college working fun jobs in Boulder, a hammock store on the Pearl street mall and a toy store before taking a “real” job with Sunglass Hut as a store manager.  In 2006 I moved to Breckenridge to be in the mountains and avoid the drive up and down I-70 in order to go skiing. In 2008 I moved over Vail pass to live with my then girlfriend Katie and began working for a local ski rental company. 

Since then Katie and I were married in 2013 and had our first and only child Oliver in 2015.  We live just a couple of blocks away from the AMT offices here in Edwards. I work as a Help Desk Technician here at AMT. We enjoy hiking, camping, skiing and floating on our whitewater raft as a family.  I’m an avid outdoors person who enjoys being outside, running, hiking, camping, rafting and fly fishing.  I’m also a technophile who loves computers, tech in general and video games specifically.