The BIG Question We Ask Every Client

What would it cost you if your business went down?

This is a question we like to start every new engagement with. The responses are varied, but eyes always grow wide with fear. It is a business owner’s worst nightmare; a server fails, important data is not backed up, whatever the case, business comes to a halt due to technology failing. For some companies, one day of a business down scenario could cost thousands of dollars. For others, one hour could be catastrophic.

Now let’s say the business above you has a pipe burst and water conveniently leaks down through your roof and into your tech room. This event was unpredictable, but your backups don’t have to be. At AMT, we encourage our customers to backup to two spots: locally and in our Glenwood Springs data center. Backing up to multiple spots, proactively secures you in the event of an emergency. Some businesses do not even have one backup solution! If the data you work with day to day is important, a backup is a must!

AMT often comes across struggling businesses with a “guy who knows IT".” This is typically a staff member who likes to tinker with computers, but does not have the bandwidth of knowledge or years of experience we do. The staff member is usually doing double duty, playing IT guy AND working a different position. These pseudo IT guys, create a tricky scenario for businesses. Let’s go worst case scenario- (something we do often to create proactive solutions), you are a business owner and enlist Todd, your front desk manager, as your IT guy. Todd loves to mountain bike. One Spring Day, he sends himself over his handlebars and breaks his leg. He is rushed to the hospital right around the same time the server fails back at the office. Todd did not backup data. You are running around the office like a chicken with its’ head cut off because Todd isn’t answering his phone. Todd is down. Business is down. What do you do?

Any one of these scenarios, create a very real problem for a business. Whether it is a fire, flood, or your IT savvy staff member not answering his/her phone, your business is in jeopardy. So ask yourself…what would it cost me if my business went down for an hour? Or a day? Or two days? Do I need a group of IT professionals to help me set up a backup solution? Do I need to tell Todd we will be moving to a partnership with AMT?

Please reach out to Marketing Director Allie Yazel, for a tech audit to assess your business!

Meet the Team | Pat Doughty

I grew up in Bristol New Hampshire, which is in the lakes region of the state.  I competed with the ski team in middle school and high school on the downhill and Nordic jumping teams.  I started building computers with my step dad at around 10 years old.  I came out to Colorado on a ski vacation when I was 13 and decided this is where I wanted to be.   

Moved to Boulder Colorado in 1999 to attend my Senior (Class of 2000) year of High School at Fairview High School in Boulder with my family. I am a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) graduate and completed a 28 day backpacking expedition with NOLS in the Wyoming Wind River Range the summer before I moved to Boulder.  


I attended one year at Western State College  before transferring and graduating CU Bolder in 2004.  I spent a couple years after college working fun jobs in Boulder, a hammock store on the Pearl street mall and a toy store before taking a “real” job with Sunglass Hut as a store manager.  In 2006 I moved to Breckenridge to be in the mountains and avoid the drive up and down I-70 in order to go skiing. In 2008 I moved over Vail pass to live with my then girlfriend Katie and began working for a local ski rental company. 

Since then Katie and I were married in 2013 and had our first and only child Oliver in 2015.  We live just a couple of blocks away from the AMT offices here in Edwards. I work as a Help Desk Technician here at AMT. We enjoy hiking, camping, skiing and floating on our whitewater raft as a family.  I’m an avid outdoors person who enjoys being outside, running, hiking, camping, rafting and fly fishing.  I’m also a technophile who loves computers, tech in general and video games specifically. 

IT Going Green

All Mountain Technologies sees the value in being an environmentally friendly workplace. We also like to encourage our clients and partners to go green. Here are 5 ways AMT has committed to being eco-friendly.

Access to Fiber

AMT has access to fiber and the Glenwood Springs data center. Fiber Optic and Wireless infrastructure, supplies high quality service without the waste.

Cloud Focus

If it is right for your business, we suggest cloud solutions. The Cloud reduces waste such as electricity, heat, and physical e-waste.


AMT made the switch to compositing in November 2018. With the help of the Walking Mountains Science Center and Vail Honeywagon, we aimed to reduce food waste that goes to the landfill, instead redirecting it to the brand new composting facility. We installed dual garbage cans in the bathroom (for paper towels) and kitchen area (for food waste and coffee grounds). Since then, we have seen a drastic difference in our trash to composting ratio. It seems our staff is catching on and making the most of it!

Actively Green Certification

We are in the home stretch of receiving our Actively Green Certification. With the help of several staff members, we’ve completed a sustainability handbook, switched bulbs to LED, tracked our company’s footprint, and have set goals to reduce food waste. The next step is to be assessed! Wish us luck!

Paperless Billing

AMT now has the option for paperless billing! We want to eliminate unnecessary amounts of paper being wasted with this initiative.

5 IT Trends that Redefine 2019

Regardless of the industry or enterprise, one or the other technology will definitely play a part in transforming the business by offering benefits like cost savings, improved security and better customer experience, among others. Here we define the top technologies that regional organizations can leverage to transform their business in 2019:

1. Internet of Things
With the acceleration of digital transformation in the region, more and more devices are getting connected. Although the adoption of IoT will be massive, it is still slow as the devices are not standardized. From autonomous vehicles to drones to sensors in oilfields, healthcare, transport, Oil & Gas etc., IoT will have a huge impact on enterprises and consumers. Our Group is developing innovative IoT solutions and is working with IBM and other major players like Microsoft, Cisco & GE to implement solutions like Predictive Maintenance instead of the traditional Preventative Maintenance model for Oil and Gas assets and Real Estate facilities based on Maximo. One of our affiliated companies recently signed an agreement with Etisalat to jointly offer Smart Integrated Facility Management Solutions to achieve Cost savings, Operational efficiencies and enhanced Customer satisfaction.

2. Artificial Intelligence
The use of AI technologies is now penetrating many aspects of business. A recent survey by ServiceNow across Europe, Middle East and Africa indicates that customer service is an area that is showing a fast return on investment. Companies across these regions are deploying AI technologies to revolutionize customer service as more and more consumers are showing an acceptance to AI-driven experiences. Nearly 30% of EMEA organizations have introduced AI technologies to customer service and 72% of those are already seeing benefits that include freeing up agent time, more efficient processing of high-volume tasks and providing always-on customer support.

3. Blockchain
Interest in blockchain technologies in the region is growing rapidly. The pace is being set by the government and public sector including education, healthcare, finance, distribution and services. The most popular blockchain use cases in the coming years will be cross-border payment and settlements, asset and goods management and identity management. Across the private sector, we have seen announcements of recent initiatives by The Atlantis, Jordan Investment Bank, Noon Capital, DIFC, Halal Guide, amongst others. Global blockchain player, ConsenSys recently conducted a blockchain developer training and hackathon camp in Lebanon.

4. Multi-Cloud
Enterprises in the region are now using multiple cloud solutions whether on-premises, public cloud, or a hybrid of both. In the coming years, upfront costs will become less important as cloud vendors continue to produce convincing use cases. AI and machine learning will be fundamental in increasing the levels of automation. Corporate cloud literacy is becoming an operational prerequisite as technological progress accelerates in EMEA. With a multi-cloud strategy, businesses can decide how to distribute workloads to cloud platforms that are best suited for specific tasks.

5. Big Data
With massive volumes of data being generated every second from connected devices, machines and IoT, Big Data is definitely a trend to watch out for. Big Data is the new oil as it has the potential to empower organisations to make better business decisions, in real time. By unlocking the organisation’s data, they can fundamentally change the way it operates and steer the transformative, digital journey the company’s stakeholders expect.

 *repost from IT NEWS Africa

Forget Your Password? Use LastPass


LastPass is AMT’s favorite password manager.


A password manager is a software application that is used to store and manage the passwords that a user has for various online accounts and security features. Password managers store the passwords in an encrypted format and provide secure access to all the password information with the help of a master password.


LastPass is a password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. The standard version of LastPass comes with a web interface, but also includes plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones.


·       Get the LastPass browser extension

·       Make a strong master password

·       Explore your LastPass vault

·       Link personal and business accounts


·       Easier to stay secure

·       Ditch the notepad of passwords! No more forgetting a password

·       Stay compliant (HIPAA, PCI, etc.)

·       Tiered access control

·       Test for strength of passwords

·       Increase productivity by sharing passwords to different departments quickly and securely


Tech the Halls: Holiday Tech Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at AMT! Our trees are up, decked with lights and homemade recycled tech ornaments. Our holiday cards are printed and Secret Santa slips have been distributed!

We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for a range of ages and hobbies. Read on for our picks for this year’s gift guide.


Under $500

Satellite Headphones [Blue] ($399)

Blue is known throughout the music world for their comfort and rich sound. These wireless over-ear headphones combine all-new patent pending active noise cancelling technology and Blue's eye for design and comfort. With a built-in audiophile amp, Satellite offer smooth notes and some heavy bass when required. Perfect whether you are listening to Apple Music, vinyl or MP3s.

$399 /

Owl Dash Cam ($349)
If you know someone that does a lot of driving or is concerned about where they park their car, a dash cam can be the perfect gift for them. The Owl Cam is a bit different than most dash cams because not only does it record while driving, but it can also capture events while the car is parked. It features both front and back-facing cameras and built-in 4G LTE connection so video can be viewed and alert notifications can be sent even when you are away from the vehicle. Pick one up for yourself and maybe the Owl Cam will pay for itself once you catch that person denting your door or in the event of a future break-in.

Mayfair Lux Organizer 10.5" [Knomo] ($149.99)

Available in Burgundy (blue interior) or Black (red interior), Knomo's organizer is a must for anyone on the go who is looking to look refined and keep their tech contained when on the go. Luxurious leather and fabric inners keep your tech scratch free and thanks to the multiple slots and pockets, everything else in its place.

$149.99 /

Under $100

ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4 ($99)
The Thermapen MK4 is the ultimate gift for the chef or a backyard BBQer. It's rated the best cooking thermometer because it's not only rugged but is also one of the fastest and accurate reading thermometers around. It can provide a full reading in mere seconds. The Thermapen MK4 comes in 10 different colors and features a foldable design that makes it easy to store when not in use. The backlit LCD display is big, bright and rotates to the right side automatically. It will become a tool that is used daily in the kitchen and will be able to handle lots of use for many, many years.

The C64 Mini ($80)
If someone you know was a child of the 80s and was big into computers at the time, the C64 Mini is a must-get gift for them! At 50 percent of the original scale, this working replica captures all the details of the original but is a whole lot easier to connect to modern displays since it has an HDMI port. Just note that the keyboard does not function on the unit -- but with a recent firmware update, an external USB keyboard can be plugged in or you can just use the included C64 joystick's virtual keyboard. The C64 Mini includes a lot of classic games that will bring back lots of nostalgia. As an added little bonus, other C64 programs can be loaded from a USB thumb drive using the classic LOAD "NAME",8,1 syntax.

Ember Mug [Ember] ($80)

The ceramic Bluetooth mug that keeps your drink hot for longer. Perfect for the drafty office or at home. Beautifully designed and easy to use thanks to a dedicated and simple app. Available in black, white and limited-edition copper. Ember also has released a travel mug too, pricier but works a treat.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus ($60)

This 2017 video streamer remains our top pick in the category, with every (non-Apple) channel under the sun, excellent 4K and HDR video quality and a wireless remote that controls your TV's power and volume, too -- all for just $60.

Under $50

Clip 3 [JBL] ($49.95)

Clip 3 is perfect for homes or holidays. Portable and waterproof, this packs a wallop with its rubberized base and powerful speakers. The built-in clip is handy and a full charge (which takes three hours) gives you ten hours of playback. Clip 3 also functions as a speakerphone.

$49.95 /

Felt Bedside Caddy [Kikkerland] ($20)

Wires, remotes and doohickies all can clutter a place easily but this handy caddy from Kikkerland works well tucked under a mattress or the side of a sofa to hold all the things you want in one place. Made from durable felt, the caddy is wipeable and easily removed.

$20 /

Meet the Team | David Steinbeck

David was born in Pittsburgh, PA.  His dad was a physical education teacher in the inner city school district and my mom is a real estate appraiser at a family owned business.  He has two older brother, Mike and Matt.  Because of his dad’s job working for the city schools of Pittsburgh, David’s family lived within the city limits in a town called Bellevue.  He attended a Christian School for pre-school and Kindergarten but then moved out to the suburbs where he eventually graduated high school.

Growing up, David played a lot of sports and had a lot of hobbies.  He always loved baseball but also wanted to be just like his brother Matt, so also played football and basketball. He quit football to focus on baseball because he was determined to play in college.  He also skateboarded and eventually got into snowboarding in high school.  David also likes to golf, play softball, hike, and mountain bike.  Those hobbies, along with snowboarding, are what drew me him to the Rocky Mountains.  The ski resort on the east coast David used to go to was called Seven Springs. After visiting the West a couple times, he couldn’t go to Seven Springs anymore. It wasn’t even close to his experiences in the Rockies.

David attended the University of Pittsburgh and got his bachelors in Business Administration and Communication.  He didn’t get to play baseball in college like he always wanted, but got the next best thing.  David was a student equipment manager for the Pitt Football team for four years and it was one of the greatest experiences of his life. 

“I got all the perks of being a college athlete but didn’t have to put my body physically on the line.  We did all of the behind the scenes jobs for the team, including laundry, gear and equipment distribution, working with the coaches to make practice run smoothly, and we also go to be apart of the games and travelling to the away games was the best part.  Getting to see different cities all across the country was an incredible experience.  I met some lifelong friends working that job and met some incredible coaches and players I will never forget.”  David recalls.

David and his brother got to go to Colorado for Matt’s senior year spring break and Lake Tahoe for David’s senior year spring break. Those two trips solidified David’s desire to move out West. In the Fall of 2018, David made the move to the Vail Valley where Matt had been living for over a year.  “I wanted to be close to the mountains I loved so much and my brother I always wanted to be just like.” David says.

David’s first job out of college was for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company that owned and operated cell phone towers.  He had little exposure to tech in that job but occasionally traveled to the cell sites. He found himself contacting his help desk because he didn’t know much about the computer or software he was working with. He learned a great deal from the job and will always be thankful for that opportunity.  His brother Matt sent him the All Mountain Tech job posting. He immediately applied. 

David admits, “I knew little about tech before I got hired by AMT.  I have learned more in the one month that I have worked here than I knew from my previous 24 years on this Earth.  Technology is a crazy industry not only because everything changes from year to year but because it has so much to offer from the cell phones we use every day, to running a multi-billion dollar corporation.  I am excited to see where this job and AMT take me.”

David is an Account Support Specialist at AMT. He works closely with our tech partners and vendors to present clients the best quotes. Whether it is hardware, software, or renewals, David specializes in bringing our clients the best prices and supporting them through the approval process. All Mountain Technologies is lucky to have David as part of the business side of things- another great addition to a great team!

We Need MORE IT Talent

We’ve all seen the need for tradesman splashed across headlines, especially in our Valley, but there is a new, emerging need in the workforce- information technology professionals.

Businesses say they need IT and technology professionals. IT is no longer synonymous with large cities, but small communities as well. Budgeting for IT is new territory for small businesses within these communities. Look at our own government. In the past four years, the IT budget for each department of the federal government has steadily rose. Businesses should take note. Protecting data and increasing productivity are just a few reasons IT should be taken seriously.  The rise of cyber-crime has been a catalyst in the rise of training technology professionals that specialize in the crime space. On a national level, universities are taking note and adding IT programs to their curriculum. Closer to home, Colorado Mountain College has beefed up Information Technology programs at several locations, including Glenwood Springs.  At All Mountain Technologies, we have already had our own qualms when it comes to hiring future, qualified technicians. Finding qualified local talent that wants to make the Valley a permanent home is hard to come by.


IT is Cool

IT careers run across a broad spectrum from developers who create software applications and heavy equipment to people versed in user support. It is an evolving industry and the need will only grow in the years to come.

We have drones in the air, we have virtual reality in our homes, we are working on AI. Let’s face it… technology is cool. Exposing younger generations to technology as a future career will help foster talent and prepare them for what’s to come. What may start as an affinity for computers may evolve into a lucrative career. High school curriculum embraces tech in a whole new way than we’ve seen before such as offering coding classes for students. There are introductory certificates for IT professionals and more defined routes for certain segments of the industry such as cybersecurity.

Planting the seed

A search of job listings of IT and cybersecurity jobs in the state yields a persistent need for qualified workers with many of the jobs focused on financial institutions, like banks and credit unions. Employers now recognize the need for tech support but need people to fill seats. They’re

Key skills

All Mountain Technologies' Marketing Coordinator, Allie Yazel, offered up a few key pieces of advice for people looking at jobs in IT:

  • You must be a good problem-solver, you might be good at puzzles even. You should be able to analyze what the issue is, come up with a solution and be able to solve that problem

  • Don’t forget communication skills!! Our technicians work closely with people ALL day- either on the phone or on-site solving issues. You should be able to explain things over the phone as well. Good phone etiquette helps.

  • You must be a team player. Collaboration in IT is huge. At AMT we have a team of technicians and each one has a different area of expertise. We have a baseline of knowledge, but each technician has years of experience in a certain industry, like hospitality, or has more knowledge in a specific tech space, like wiring. The more well-rounded your team is, the easier it is to solve a tough issue. You essentially have a technology soundboard at your fingertips.

All Mountain Technologies is the leading Managed Service IT Provider in the Vail Area, working with small to mid-sized businesses to manage and support their IT needs since 2003. For more information regarding IT support for your business, please contact Allie Yazel at 

Meet the Team | Felipe Bazani

You may have heard Felipe’s cheerful voice on the other side of the phone when calling the Help Desk Hotline. Felipe is our Help Desk Manager and has transformed our team with his innovative ideas.


I loved the Infrastructure, culture, safety


and the burgers (I’m a big fan of burgers)”

-reflecting on his first time visiting the United States

Felipe was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He spent most of his life in the city, eventually attending university there. He studied IT (Information Systems) and Business Administration receiving a bachelor’s degree in both. Felipe chose IT because of his natural abilities on computers including gaming and programming.

Felipe met his wife in Brazil. She had lived in the US before and always said good things about the country. Before they got married, they traveled to Florida. “I loved the Infrastructure, culture, safety and the burgers (I’m a big fan of burgers). I visited and tried all burgers shops in Florida during vacation.” - Felipe says. (Someone get this guy a burger).

After their son was born, Felipe and his wife felt that they needed to provide a safer place for him to live and started to look for other options. His wife worked for Hyatt and was invited to transfer to Beaver Creek. Felipe expresses it has been an adjustment moving from a major metropolitan city of 21 million people to the Valley. He had also never seen snow until the move, but can’t imagine living anywhere else.

“Learning to ski has been super fun and exciting and I look forward to seeing my son practice winter sports, that don’t even exist in our country. I hope he will become the first Brazilian skier in the Olympic games.” Felipe goes on to say, “We miss all our family, since they are all still living in Brazil, but often come visit us – they don’t like winter time and think we are crazy to live in such a cold place. We went back home to visit our family once during the 5 years we have been here, and plan on travelling again next year so our family can meet the new addition to the family, our second son to be born end of November (in a couple weeks). I miss going to the stadium to watch my soccer team play. I can’t believe I’m going to miss their big win, as they will win the national championship this year!”

Felipe is thankful for the opportunities AMT has provided, including a promotion to his current position of Help Desk Manager. Felipe leads a team of technicians to resolve issues primarily through the hotline or ticketing system. “My previous IT experience was related to Systems (Development, analysis, etc) so it has been a constant learning opportunity to see a different side of IT. I’m constantly trying to merge both worlds and apply my previous knowledge/experience to my current role when I feel that can aggregate value to the work.”

Felipe is a team player and once brought in Brazilian candy for each team member. He set them on each staff members’ desk so thoughtfully. Felipe continues to grow his department and help AMT evolve into the leading IT provider in the High Rocky region!

Managed Services- Explained

You may have heard the term or asked the question, "what is a Managed Service Provider?". Well, I am here to hopefully answer any question of what an MSP is, when they began, how they have transformed, how All Mountain Technologies serves as our partner's Managed Service Provider, and why our service is of great value.

To begin, Managed Services are a way of outsourcing management for all IT systems of a company, taking over responsibilities and resources on behalf of the client in order to strategically improve their IT operations. Ultimately this cuts expenses, downtime, and allows the client to focus on their business. Managed Services are a direct alternative to the break/fix model that directly affects a business' ability to operate efficiently. The break/fix model was often extremely costly because it caused businesses to have excessive downtime, lost files, and the extra high expense of hiring IT help to bring the business back to an efficient working place. Managed Services is a subscription or partnership model where the client or company pays monthly for delivered managed services that provide on-going support of technological systems. Some of the systems that All Mountain Technologies supports as a Managed Service Provider are firewalls, the cloud, servers, Office365, domains & SSL's, file share, and VoIP.

The break/fix model was the first to rise as a service to IT systems in the early 1990's as businesses both small and large began to adopt more complicated computer and phone systems. By the late 90's to early 2000's, managed services began as a new model of service for business that gave rise to increased productivity and less downtime in the workplace.

Today, it is more important than ever to protect businesses with a team of IT professionals. As technology moves forward at an increasingly rapid rate, it is even more difficult to keep up without a team of experts providing support for a company's IT systems. Viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks increase in rate as technology moves forward making it imperative that environments are made secure. Reactive IT is much more painful and costly than remaining proactive in approach. 

Modern companies understand what it takes to keep their businesses running efficiently and it is becoming increasingly common and resourceful for even small companies to partner with Managed Service Providers. In fact, according to Garter, IT outsourcing is among the fastest growing security sectors. Companies are becoming unable to manage their IT systems in a cost-efficient and secure manner on their own. It is estimated that by 2020, that over 60% of organizations will have invested in managed services that focus on security such as data-loss prevention and encryption (Garter 2017). Currently, around 35% of companies are utilizing these tools to protect their environments. 

All Mountain Technologies is dedicated to empowering our partners to think differently about how they approach technology. This is a primary reason why we pride ourselves as a Managed Service Provider that partners with our client's companies to provide an optimized and secure IT environment. 


KZYR Rocktober Technology Playlist

Hi everyone! Allie here- Marketing Coordinator at AMT. We will be sponsoring one of KZYR’s Rocktober days on October 27th. I am putting together a playlist of songs that reference computers or technology in some way and I wanted to share it with you all!

Paranoid Android- Radiohead

Computer Age- Neil Young

Metal Gods- Judas Priest

Technologic- Daft Punk

Digital (Did You Tell)- Stone Sour

Mr. Roboto- Styx

Plug In Baby- Muse

Video Killed the Radio Star- Buggles

Virtuality- Rush

I Love my Computer- Bad Religion

Computer Love- Kraftwerk

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- The Flaming Lips

Metal- Gary Numan

Spit Out the Bone- Metallica

Do the Evolution- Pearl Jam

(Nothing But) Flowers- Talking Heads

Enjoy :)